Automate and Optimize Collections

Increase your recovery rate with easy-to-use software

Affordable Debt Collection Software

Variable costs based on the dyanmics of your business and your portfolio, that ensures a higher ROI reducing costs.

Cloud Collections Software

As versatile SaaS service we adhere to the highest quality and security standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

User driven Debt Collection management

Scale based on the number and role of your collectors managing an unlimited number of oustanding accounts.

Manage your customers and outstanding accounts in the preventative, administrative and pre-legal phases. Visualize the record and result of each collections activity combining calls, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, promises to pay etc... Automatically generate management alerts and escalate to different collections strategies depending on the results.

Integrating lawyers into the collections process so that they not only can register all legal collections activities but also promises to pay etc.. Integrating theb system with the court systems and allowing the online update of legal processes and manual updates allows a higher level of control and productivity. The full legal history is integrated into the collections process.


Define special payment plans allowing your debtors to flexibly define and select the most optimum payment plan for themselves. iucollect will then monitor it and ensure that the payments are made on time and according to the plan. Before negotiating the plan real time simulation is performed showing the debtor what his periodic payments would be and of what concepts they are composed of. Special workflows can be defined to allow special reviews to take place if needed or a fully automated process can be defined.


Improve the effectiveness of your field collections using a standard smartphone, with real time routing, monitoring etc... This ensures that your field collectors are their most productive and fully comply with all regulations.


iUCollect has all the latest technologies available in the cloud to automate as much as possible your collections process. With options for artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing with chatbots, you can combine digital technologies with traditional call center, field collections and legal collections.


Add new digital technologies such as Machine Learning, Bots, SMS, email and Whatsapp to your collections process allowing you to fully automate it reducing costs and increasing your recoveries and contact rates.